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Day 2 - Kiagata - Hyuga

Day 2 we started early , rolling out at 7am after breakfast at the Onsen. We followed along the shore of Kagoshima bay to the foot of the Volcano Sakurajima and turned East to cross a small spit of land and again followed the bay. We stopped just short of Karishima for a stretch break and to top up with Fluids at the local "Lawson" ...then we attacked the climb. Beautiful country and a lovely , long climb with good gradients. We regrouped at the top and and continued on for some good pace lines towards the coast.  Down into Miyakanojo and climbed out, to cross over to the East coast of Kyushu. It was hot so there were a few stops to re-fuel. Again we regrouped after climb 2 and the bombed it down the descent, sopping at Miyazaki for lunch and ended up in a BBQ place that did the BEST Wagyu beef we have ever eaten. Back on the bikes re-fuelled and we were off to the coast and the Pacific. We pushed into the heat and eventually got to Hyuga , badly in need of a beer. Dinner, and early to bed.

Check out the relive video below !


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