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Day 6 - Imabari to Tomano

166.61 km, 889m of ascent

The day started with low cloud and rain earlier. we were on the road by 6 and in the rain by 6:30. We left our Imabari AirBNB and headed for the first bridge across the chain of islands between Shikoku and Honshu. The Japanese certainly know how to make bridges and cycle paths. Each bridge approach was a lovely gentle windy cycle way onto a dedicated lane on some very long bridges. The rain hit at about 7 and stayed with us until about 9. We stopped at Lawson Station for breakfast sandwiches (we are becoming very good customers) and then coffee at the base of the final bridge.

We bid farewell to Shikoku island with a toast on the 109m ferry trip (took about 5 minutes) and then stopped for lunch at a supermarket in Fukuyama. Lots of traffic on main roads and huge lorries passing within inches of our saddle bags had us looking for "B Road" options, and we had a few detours and backtracks but the "BikeMap" route came through for us in the end.

After nearly 100km of Japanese industrial  suburbia, we finally made it to out digs in Tomano. 

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