What is "The Vapor Trail" ? 

It's a journey of cultural discovery, mate-ship and a cause. 

Early in 2018 Brett (Blowfly) had an idea that he wanted to bicycle the length of Japan. A few of us decided to come along and as we immersed ourselves in the planning, we started "Turning Japanese". As lovers of 80's music we sort of adopted the matching song by The Vapors as our theme. 

Meet BlowFly (aka Brett)

Brett is a veteran of more Iroan Man races than we can count. He has a hankering for the colour Burnt Rhubarb and is a serious climber on the bike. Chief organiser of the The Vapor Trail and or Sergeant Major, he's hard to love. But we love him anyway.

Introducing Bocelli (aka Angelo)

While riding through fog on a fast descent into Bobbin Head, Angelo commented that he was "effectively blind". He's a well known lover of Italian Opera. 

2+2 = 5 on the Vapor Trail so he became "Bocelli".

Meet The Onion (aka Wes)

He's a man with Many Layers. When he's not clay pigeon shooting, driving his water taxis or hurtling bout on his E-Bike, Wes is a cycling force to be reckoned with. He's the thinking mans cyclist. Cunning like fox and twice as handsome.

Zoolander (aka Pete)

Pete's a snappy dresser and something of an engine on the flats. Happy to tow the group but not keen on hills. Why Zoolander ? A picture tells a thousand words.


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