Why Lung Cancer Research ?

Carolyn had never smoked, and yet somehow had contracted a Genetic form of lung cancer. It turns out genetic lung cancer is quite common, and could be curable with enough research. So we're dedicating the ride to raise much needed funds for Lung Cancer Research. Our target is $25,000 and we need your help. Please support us by donating to the Australian Lung Foundation here.

About non-small-cell lung carcinoma EGFR Mutation

The EGFR Mutation is a genetic form of lung cancer. It is relatively common among non smokers and mostly occurs in Asian females.

There are some effective treatments, such as Tarceva, but as the cancer is a gene mutation, it tends to continue to mutate. So while Drugs like Tarceva are initially very effective, they eventually stop working. 

As a result - new drugs targeting the new mutations are being developed all the time, and research is thus vital - in order to produce drugs that target the new mutations.

Every $ donated will go directly to the Australian Lung Foundation's research program and specifically into EFGR mutation research.

About Carolyn

Carolyn has never smoked. She had a dry slight dry cough and and went to see her GP in January 2018. After a number of mis diagnosis, she eventually met a lung specialist who knew what he was doing, wasn't blinded by her "lack of a smoking history" . 

Many tests later Carolyn was diagnosed with NSCLC EGFR mutation, sadly in a fairly advanced stage.

Lung cancer kills more Australians than any other cancer. Just 17 per cent are still alive five years after diagnosis.

People with lung cancer have a much lower chance of being diagnosed early than other cancer patients; 11.7 per cent are diagnosed in Stage 1 compared to 42.8 per cent for breast cancer and 22.1 per cent for colorectal cancer.

You can read about my brave sister below:

Carolyn's Fight to improve outcomes for lung cancer sufferers


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