23 days - 3,118kms - 29,380m ascent

The Route Details (interactive map below)

DayDateStartFinishDistanceM Ascent
15th JulyNejimeKaigata1191,780
26th JulyKaigataHyuga1531,280
37th JulyHyugaMinami Aso1302,230
48th JulyMinami AsoBeppu1112,060
59th JulyBeppuImabari1121,150
610th JulyImabariTomano1661,180
711th JulyTomanoAmagasaki184800
812th JulyAmagasakiTakashima136430
913th JulyTakashimaTajimi135950
1014th JulyTajimiOkaya1593,090
1115th JulyOkayaFujikawaguchiko1251,870
1216th JulyFujikawaguchikoMt Fuji  Climb503,500
1317th JulyFujikawaguchikoMaebashi1781,060
1418th JulyMaebashiNagaoka1591,640
1519th JulyNagaokaSenami11920
1620th JulySenamiYurihonjo1651,000
1721st JulyYurihonjoOdate131400
1822nd JulyOdateHakodate143470
1923rd JulyHakodateHanaishi130750
2024th JulyJanaishiOtaru1132,090
2125th JulyOtaruAshikawa169400
2226th JulyAshikawaEsashi137540
2327th JulyEashiCape Soya152690

The Route was carefully designed over many beers ! We have thought long and hard about how to hit the high points of Japan, the main 4 Islands, and to allow us to do LOTs of bicycle climbing.

The ride starts on July 5th, 2019 in Cape Sata, Kyushu, Japan.

The route is broken into the 4 islands, with Ferry Crossing in between and finishes at the very northern tip of Hokkaido at Cape Soya on July 27th. 


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